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Pride 2023 Registration

Registration for Pride with BSS is now closed
Please find the General Information here
You can use one of the PayPal links below the form, or via bank transfer using the below details
Please note that your registration is only fully complete after payment. 

Bank details:

GRES Cidade Brilhante (HSBC)

Sort code: 40-14-03

Account No.: 42191547

Please use as reference: Pride 2023 {Your initial + Surname}

For Bateria; the number per instrument is limited

Which istrument do you want to play
Which dance section do you want to join?
Select your options
I would like to pay by:

Pride fee members / no T-Shirt (£15)

Pride fee non-members / no T-Shirt (£20)

Pride fee members / buy T-Shirt (£37.50)

Pride fee non-members / buy T-Shirt (£42.50)

Pride fee members / loan T-Shirt (£20)

Pride fee non-members / loan T-Shirt (£25)

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