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Learn to drum with Brighton School of Samba

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Our Classes

There's no need to book in advance, just come along to try it out. See below for details of upcoming Bateria class dates and prices - or visit the Calendar to view all our classes and performances.

Willem de Gooyert, Bateria Director, Brighton School of Samba

Willem de Gooyert

Bateria Director

Willem has played percussion since the age of 8, and started playing Brazilian percussion in 2006 and then in several groups across the Netherlands. He started to focus on traditional Rio samba batucada and was both a lead player and bateria director for Uniao dos Paisos Baixos (Netherlands).

After moving to the UK in 2016, he continued to play in groups across the country, including Carnaval Transatlantico, London School of Samba, Parioso School of Samba and more. Since 2013 he is a member of the international group Bloco X, which aims to bring together players from all over Europe to play samba. Willem has travelled to Brazil on multiple occasions, to play and learn from the samba schools there. In November 2019 he played with the school Viradouro, who went on to win the Carnaval the next year.

Willem started playing and teaching at BSS since early 2020 where he provides instrument focused tips & tricks, focuses on the samba groove and brings new music to the group. He loves to create a community feeling and make sure everyone is involved in their contribution to our overall sound.

Malcolm Duffitt, Bateria Director, Brighton School of Samba

Malcolm Duffitt

Bateria Director

A co-founder of Brighton School of Samba, Malcolm has been part of the school since 2007. Formerly a kit-drummer, Malcolm discovered samba in 2006 via a local workshop and fell in love not just with the energetic, polyrhythmic sounds but also with the inclusiveness and togetherness of playing one instrument as part of a larger group ensemble.

Over the years he has graduated to leading the BSS bateria on parade and, since 2012 has run all bateria workshops and performances. He writes original music and breaks as well as bringing traditional Rio batucada songs (‘enredos’) into the School to perform.

Over his 15 years involvement in UK samba, Malcolm has performed with G.R.E.S. Unidos de Londres (London School of Samba), G.R.E.S. Império do Papagaio (Helsinki), Carnival Collective, b-loco, Bloco Branco and Estrondo, and playing internationally in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Holland, Croatia and Portugal.

Join our bateria workshops and learn samba drumming and percussion, then come and perform with us on parade at some of the city and region’s largest events!


All ages and abilities are welcome, and no experience is necessary. We offer dedicated beginners’ classes as well as weekly rehearsals for regular/intermediate players, and each session is run by experienced and friendly instructors to help you get the most enjoyment out of playing samba. All sticks and instruments are provided at our open workshops, but if you have your own instrument you are welcome to bring it along!

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