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In Brazil, the samba schools will develop a new theme every year to showcase at Rio Carnival each February to accompany a new song and samba ('enredo').

Whilst BSS don't have a new theme every single year, we do often design special themes to coincide with certain events or parade/event themes. Over the years, we have made dozens of dance and bateria costumes for themes including 'Samba by the Sea', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Brazil', 'The Four Elements', 'Space Disco' and more!

'Alice in Wonderland' costume theme - BSS' 10th Anniversary in 2017

A samba school will typically dress itself using colours from the school flag - in the case of BSS, we use turquoise, navy, gold and white to represent colours of the beach / sea as our base colours and dress themes.

BSS Bateria costumes over the years

A team effort

We make many of the costumes ourselves - there's lots of sewing and gluing involved for every member of the school! Principal dance costumes and feather headresses can take hours to make.

Designing and making our performance costumes is always a team effort, and we are grateful to every member past, present and future who lends their time and skill to be involved in such a creative process!

Get Involved

If you have design and making skills and would like to be involved in costume making for BSS, please contact us!


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